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Creative Scented Candles Triangular Tray Rotating Candle Holder

Creative Scented Candles Triangular Tray Rotating Candle Holder

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Product information:
Gifts: points exchange gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts, festival gifts, awards commemorative gifts, public relations gifts
Material: Stainless steel
Size: golden snowflake (no candle Cup), Golden Trojan horse (no candle Cup), Golden Butterfly (no candle Cup), golden snowflake deer (no candle Cup), Golden XINGX (no candle Cup), golden little magic fairy (no candle Cup), Golden Moon Cat (no candle Cup), Golden Rose (no candle Cup), Golden Christmas tree (no candle Cup), Golden Ballet (no candle Cup), golden birdcage (no candle Cup), golden carriage (no candle Cup), Golden hot air balloon (no candle Cup), Golden Rabbit (no candle Cup), Golden Louis XIII of France (No candle Cup), silver twig Bird (no candle Cup), silver Elk (no candle Cup), silver Christmas tree (no candle Cup), silver candlestick (no candle Cup), silver butterfly (no candle Cup), silver kitten (no candle Cup), silver puppy (no candle Cup), silver fairy, silver carriage, silver hot air balloon, Silver Angel, silver Dreamcatcher, silver snowflake deer, golden angel, golden snowflake string, golden snowman, Golden Dreamcatcher, Golden puppy, Golden Mother and child cat, golden dream gift, Golden Prince rose, Golden love heart, golden bow
Process: half-handmade semi-mechanical


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Candle Holder*1

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